Toshiba to join the dark side by offering Blu-ray players

After 18 months of licking their wounds following the end of the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD format war, Japan's Daily Yomiuri is reporting that Toshiba plans to introduce a Blu-ray player "somewhere in the world" by the end of his year. This despite much speculation that Toshiba would rather tough it out by waiting until everyone was downloading their HD content, rather than signing up with the enemy.

At least Toshiba have been fairly quick to see the writing on the wall; Sony waited 12 years from the launch of VHS in 1976, before offering a VHS deck of their own.

If Toshiba really wanted to tick off the Blu-ray folks, they could just send out a press release saying that they plan to support the China Blue HD format.

Daily Yomiuri, via T3