Toshiba Wi-Fi frames: What photo channel do you want to watch today?

Since it already makes HDTVs and computers with LCD screens, Toshiba figures, why not make something else with LCDs, like digital picture frames? The company's first frames, 10- and 8-inch models available next month for $230 and $180, respectively, are Wi-Fi enabled, which means the frames can grab and display snaps stored on your PC, Picasa, Flickr or Facebook and other photo sites, and you can share pics with someone else with a Toshiba frame and a Wi-Fi connection. Unlike some digital picture frames that offer remote Wi-Fi photo sharing, Toshiba isn't charging for the privilege.

Your slideshow can be accompanied by an MP3 or WMA soundtrack, and the frames can play videos, too.

So far, so good, but there's an extra twist: These classy, glassy Toshiba frames can also grab content from the more than 1,000 "channels" at FrameChannel. You can choose what channels flash along with your photo slideshow, personalize each channel (choose a city to track local weather, your favorite sports team with the sports channel, specific stocks for those who still have any money left to invest in the market) as well as how frequently it shows up, how long it stays on the screen, etc.

Via Toshiba