The most expensive 16 gigabytes on the planet: The MNEMOSYNE USB cube

If your USB storage tastes lean toward the high-end of style and price then the new MNEMOSYNE 16-gigabyte USB storage cube may be the device for you. Created by Italy-based designers Toshi Satoji and Katsuya Masaki, each black cube is constructed with a unique puzzle pattern and carved from a single block of aluminum.

In order to use the USB key you need to completely disassemble the puzzle-like cube to find the USB key in the center, and then re-assemble it when finished. In addition to honing your puzzle skills, an additional hurdle will have to be overcome in the form of the device's price tag — 1,000,000 yen ($10,442)! You can find out more about the most expensive 16GB in the world here.

Via IT Media