Tesla Motors has busy day: reveals 2010 Roadster, opens NYC showroom

Ever since DVICE first heard about the luxurious all-electric Tesla Roadster, I've been dying to get behind the wheel of one. Today I finally got my wish, taking the 2010 Roadster Sport for a spin on the streets of NYC as the company threw open the doors on its Manhattan showroom on West 25th St.

It was the first public showing of the Roadster Sport, which differs from the previous model only slightly. The gear shift has been replaced by an array of buttons, the iPod dock is in a more convenient spot, and there are a slew of extra options, including the carbon-fiber accents you see in the pics. It also goes from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds instead of 3.9. I wasn't looking at the spedometer as I rocketed down 11th Ave., but that felt pretty accurate.

Interested in owning this baby? Hit the jump on what Tesla had to say about financing, and a gallery.

Tesla now offers financing for the $100,000 Roadster. Yep, after a down payment, you, too, can own this fine electric vehicle for the tidy sum of $1,700 a month (for five years). That's still not cheap, but at least it has value: You'll never have to shell out a single penny on gasoline, oil changes or fixing the muffler. In fact, company reps say the biggest complaint from customers is that the windshield gets too dirty; if you never visit a gas station, when would you clean it?

Driving the Tesla around town, the thing that stuck me the most was how quiet it was. When I turned the key, I couldn't tell that it had started, and when I tried to turn left at a light after it turned green, several people who were standing off the curb (as New Yorkers tend to do) didn't move out of the way — they thought I was parked! As I drove by them, I could feel the eyeballs on the rear license plate. This definitely is the champagne of electric vehicles. Want.

Via Tesla Motors