TASER Shockwave, a stunning wall of hurt

Good lord, it's a TASER Gatling gun. Well, almost. The TASER Shockwave is a modular system, letting you bunch together dozens of these TASER X26 stun guns. That oughta keep those evildoers at bay — when they get within 25 feet of this monster, you open up a can of electro-whoopass while you sit pretty with your remote control trigger 100 meters away.

This beast is designed to "instantaneously incapacitate multiple personnel," and is designed for violent crowds and riot situations. So now hoards of people can be simultaneously stunned into semiconsciousness. Since it's modular, you can daisy-chain the units together, stacking them vertically or horizontally for a fierce network of maximum shockage.

Great. Now you can surround your McMansion with these weapons, and then set them up to be triggered using motion activation. You can even stick a row of these babies on your car's front bumper. This is getting scary.

Taser, via Red Ferret