Sporty Honda CR-Z hybrid set for 2010 rollout

Honda teased us with its sporty hybrid concept car nearly 2 years ago, but now the company is getting serious about shipping the snazzy CR-Z hybrid. Destined for Japanese roads at the beginning of next year, the company hasn't said yet if it will be available in the United States. Information is scarce, but so far, so good:

"Shorthand for 'Compact Renaissance Zero,' the CR-Z is a forward-thinking exercise in inspired design and environmental technology. The CR-Z draws its inspiration from a need to deliver spirited performance in an efficient manner."

We like the idea of the sporty hybrid with "spirited performance." While a year late, the appearance of the CR-Z is enough to give our "sportier" Chevy Volt jones a nudge.

Just look at that interior! However, as we learned from the Chevy Volt, a lot can happen between concept and reality. By the way, Honda added that it's going to make its Honda Fit available with hybrid tech next year, too.

Honda, via Autoblog