SolarStrap soaks up power by day, keeps the gadget party going at night

Arguably a better idea than solar-paneled clothing, this SolarStrap puts a thin, lightweight solar panel on a portable — or even wearable — badge. Since integrating solar collectors in clothes still has some hurdles to overcome as a concept (notably, keeping them clean and not looking like a complete dork), gadgets like the inch-thin SolarStrap are a practical go-between.

Made by Finnish company Suntrica, the 2-ounce SolarStrap has a foldable tab, making it easy to put on a bag, backpack or even the back of your shirt. It stores those juicy sunbeams in a small battery, ready to dispense them at 5 volts (DC) to gas up your cellphone, iPod or other gadget whenever you need power in a pinch. The $40 might seem like a high price for a battery, but keeping that GPS charged when you're out in the wild? Priceless.

Suntrica, via talk2myshirt