Solar-powered moon rover could shoot lunar HD of Apollo landing site in 2011

As NASA flounders around trying to find the money for its next moon mission, Astrobiotic Technology is working on winning the $25 million Google Lunar X Prize. Astrobiotic says this prototype will be roving the moon in 2011, snooping around the Apollo 11 landing site and sending back HDTV video for all to see. We can already hear the cries of "Photoshopped!"

The solar-powered rover has two drives, each pulling a chain that moves two of the vehicle's four wheels. The lightweight lunar go-kart looks like it's almost ready to roll, but then there's that tricky part of getting it from here to the moon in one piece. Good luck with that, guys. But we're not selling them short — we think private enterprise is the best way to explore the moon and the universe beyond.

Via BB Gadgets