Silent Keyboard EX might be world's quietest

We like our keyboards quiet around here, eschewing that clickety-clackety racket for the sweet sounds of near-silence. Japanese junk merchant Thanko comes to the rescue with the Silent Keyboard EX, the second edition of its quiet data entry device. Thanko says this one's so quiet it only whispers 44.5dB of racket, 16.5dB quieter than the average keyboard.

We like this silent trend. However, we tried Thanko's original Silent Mouse (which is been since updated to the improved Silent Mouse EX), and found it cheap, flimsy, and unsatisfying because it didn't click at all. It felt rubbery and weird. Will the Silent Keyboard EX suffer the same fate? You'll have to pay the steep price of $53 to find out.

Akihabara News, via Engadget