Shoot spectacular time lapse footage with iPhone 3GS

Time lapse photography, once the bastion of well-heeled and equipment-laden photographers, can now be executed for a couple of bucks. Well, if you have an iPhone 3GS, that is. Apparently that 3-megapixel camera on board Apple's latest iPhone gives you good enough resolution for some respectable time-lapse work. This one shows what the camera can do when you use a $2 application available via the App Store called TimeLapse, and set it to take one photo every 30 seconds — 1400 photos and 11 hours later, look at the glorious result.

Of course, you'll need some sort of stable mount for your iPhone if you want to try such trickery — this guy used a $30 Gorillapod GoGo. And of course, you'll have to shell out the beaucoup bucks required to own an iPhone 3GS. Even so, snagging spectacular footage like this is something I didn't realize would be possible with such a humble camera.

One suggestion: better have that iPhone plugged into a power source if you want to do any really long time-lapse photography. Its batteries certainly won't hold out for an 11-hour dawn-to-dusk clouds-and-sun session.

BenM, via Gizmodo