Samsung's 'world's thinnest' watchphone might make your wrist look fat

We've seen a gracious plenty of those brick-thick wrist phones — the latest superlative was from LG, crowing about its "most advanced" version at CES a few months ago. Now Samsung answers with its even-slimmer design, calling this model S9110 "the world's thinnest." It's not just thin, it's small. If you have a hankering to go all Dick Tracy on us, you'd better have good eyesight for that 1.7-inch touchscreen.

Along for the ride are Bluetooth, voice recognition, a speakerphone, and the ability to play music and check your e-mail. The best news is that the thing is just 11.98mm thin. Now you're talking. We Yanks will have to wait a while before we can put this on our hammy wrists, though — it goes on sale in France first for €450. Youch, that's $639.

Click for two more pics:

Via MobileCrunch