Rumor: Apple's October release of $800 touchscreen tablet

Rumormongers have been pretty sure an Apple tablet is on the way, but now the scuttlebutt is getting even more specific. If you're looking for an overgrown iPod touch from the Cupertino Fruit Company, rumor has it that you have to wait until October to plunk down your $800 for the 9.7-inch-screened widget. Its upcoming existence was heralded by Chinese companies, insisting that Apple has ordered the various parts for such a tinybook.

Wait a doggone minute. Didn't we go through this whole tablet craze three years ago, with a project that was not-too-affectionately known as Origami, also called the ultramobile PC (UMPC)? Remember, PC makers rolled out those tablets that were too big to be portable and too small to be useful, sorely lacking a convenient input device such as a keyboard?

Apple's confident with its touchscreen technology, though. Will it be good enough to satisfy Netbook users?

MacRumors, via CrunchGear