Rubik's Cube sequel, the 360, on sale next week

Rubik's Cube was a genius and iconic puzzle that captured the world's attention like no other. Now the man behind the cube, Hungarian professor Erno Rubik, is about to unleash a new puzzle on an unsuspecting world, the ball-shaped 360.

I guess Rubik figured there wasn't any more potential to be mined from cubical puzzles (including the Cube and its original follow up, Rubik's Revenge), so this time he went for curves. The 360 is a transparent sphere with six tiny domes on its exterior. Inside the shell are two more transparent spheres, with six balls in the center, each colored to match one of the domes. The object is to spin the 360 to get the balls to pass through openings in the internal spheres, and then guide the balls to their respective domes, locking them in place by twisting the two black dials at the 360's "poles." As with most puzzles, it's apparently harder than it looks.

While it's unlikely the 360 will take the world by storm, I can the Super Monkey Ball crowd forking over $15 (the preorder price on Amazon) for a new ball-steering puzzle game. The 360 rolls out next week in the U.K. and should be available Stateside shortly thereafter. Will you pick one up?

Rubik's 360, via The Daily Telegraph