Revel's Ultima Rhythm2 is 18 inches of sub-woofin' backed by powerful dual amps

When we went in to see the Revel Ultima Rhythm2, Marc Kellom, Harman's VP of marketing, told us in so many words that it'd be the best powered subwoofer out there when it hits in October. He's pretty keen on products flying the Harman banner, sure, but the Rhythm2 has some impressive tech to back up the claim.

What really shines on this 18-inch 'woofer are the dual four-inch-in-diameter voice coils. Each one is backed by its own high-powered amp, offering the kind of setup you'd find with stadium and arena hardware. With that in mind, it makes sense that the Ultima Rhythm2 is something of a monster — at 24.5" by 28" by 28" and 225 pounds, its presence will be felt even when it's just sitting there. All that power it packs in there, according to Kellom, allows the Rhythm2 to crank out a gross amount of raw power while maintaining the quality of sound. (2400W RMS with a 5600W peak output for you spec heads.)

No word on pricing yet, but we have a guess: expensive. A powered subwoofer that'll bring down your living room around it doesn't come cheap, after all.

Here's the company line from Harman:

The Revel Ultima Rhythm2 sets a new standard for powered subwoofers at any price. With its dual voice coil 18-inch woofer and dual ultra high-power amplifiers, it is truly a whole new world of subwoofer performance. The Ultima Rhythm2 Subwoofer can play at astonishingly high levels with real-world program material with very low distortion; all without the use of servo feedback. At the same time, its extraordinarily low distortion and freedom from dynamic compression make it the perfect complement for the world's finest main loudspeakers--blending easily while reproducing low frequencies with both authority and nuance.


Power Output: 2400W RMS, 5600W peak

Frequency Response: 20Hz to f c +/- 0.5dB, -3dB @ 18Hz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90 dB A weighted

Harmonic/IM Distortion: 0.10% THD at rated power

Dimensions: 24.5 in. x 28 in. x 28 in. (622.3 mm x 711.2 mm x 711.2 mm)

Weight: 225 lb / 102.1 kg

Key Features

• Standard-setting output capability and low distortion

• Massive 18-inch woofer with dual 4-inch diameter by 1.75-inch long voice coils and Neodymium motor systems

• Ultra low-distortion motor system with symmetrical magnetic fields with mirror-image design to cancel distortion and distortion-reduction rings, with no servo feedback system required

• Two ultra high-power amplifiers, with 2400W RMS and 5600W peak output for low dynamic compression at very high output levels

• Sophisticated self-protection circuitry allows unprecedented dynamics for extraordinarily lifelike bass

Via Revel