Rechargeable lawnmower belches no emissions, 50% quieter

We like the green theme of that electric riding lawnmower from Husqvarna we showed you last month, but that one's just a design concept — here's one that actually exists. Plug the Recharge Mower into a standard wall outlet for 12 hours, and you get three hours of cutting time.

It's powered by three electric motors, one for each of the two blades and one to move it forward at 4.5mph. Its cutting width is a bit narrow for our taste — 27 inches instead of the usual 34 inches of most riding lawn mowers — but we like the idea of its quiet operation, cranking out just 50% the noise of conventional internal combustion riding mowers.

It's not cheap, costing you $2195, but the company is offering free shipping on the 300-pound contraption, at least for now. Green grass, green planet, everybody wins. Or, we could just stop being grass farmers altogether. Better yet, we could just bury our heads in the sand and deny climate change, and there won't be a problem.

Via Driven by Solar (thanks to Allan Hechtman for this tip!)