Plush animal TV makes every show seem cute and cuddly

Those wacky folks at HANNspree have been at it again. After appealing to sports fans with a line of TVs that looked like soccer balls and footballs, they're now going after our children with some huggable plush animal TVs. While I'm sure every parent is happy if their kid loves Barney, (well, maybe not), I'm expect most wouldn't want them to be literally hugging the TV when the big purple guy comes on. Personally, I think anything that encourages your kid to watch even more TV might not be such a good thing.

Each TV has a 10 inch screen, and according to the spec sheet, a decidedly obsolete NTSC tuner. Perhaps you can use it to pull in some old episodes of Sesame Street that are still floating around out there in the ether.

HANNspree's Plush Fantasy line will be available starting this fall.

HANNspree, via SlipperyBrick