Phyto-Purification bathroom looks like one uncomfortable way to bathe

Something about showering while surrounded by a bunch of plants just creeps me out. I mean, I know that they don't have eyes or anything, but a serious growth like the one you see above might keep brushing against you, or maybe there'd be bugs — or ___, or ___, or ___!

That said, maybe I should give Jun Yasumoto's "Phyto-Purification Bathroom" a chance, as the designer thinks it could be a good way to recycle bathwater:

"The water from the shower and the washbasin is filtered through an organic system before being re-used. Phyto-purification is a natural water-recycling process which is commonly used in ecological purification systems."
The idea sounds like a win for the water, but I wonder how much the plants will like our soap, shampoo and other chemical-heavy substances mucking up their works.

Jun Yasumoto, via The Design Blog