Network-connected Sony iPod dock sports fancy remote, high price

We usually pass over dime-a-dozen iPod docks, but Sony's latest entry, the NAS-Z200iR, is different. Its most impressive feature is that super-fancy remote. You may not be that interested in this $1000 system — a 20-watt iPod dock with slot loading CD — until you realize that the remote control is designed to work with more than just this dock. It's DLNA certified, meaning that it also works with PCs and Macs, in addition to network-attached storage. It might be just right for controlling a PC in your home theater.

So this is the new direction for Sony? Cranking out a gussied-up, network connectin', neato/spooky-designed iPod dock with a highly capable remote control, and pricing the whole thing at $1000? Any takers? [crickets sound effect]

If you feel like a chump and want to wait until mid-September, go ahead and set aside that cash. Or you could settle for the same Sony iPod dock without that fancy remote for less money, which will be available this month, but Sony didn't announce pricing on that one yet.

Via Engadget