Monsterpod takes your camera to new heights

Tripods are great, but there are lots of places they just won't work. Upside down and sideways, for example. The Monsterpod has no problem there, or on a wide variety of other surfaces.

The Monsterpod ($30) is made from a viscoelastic polymer-based material that's said to be like a rubberized honey. The material will stick to just about any surface for one to ten minutes, maybe even longer. It works when cold, hot, wet or dry, and is waterproof. Mold the 'pod to any position, mount up to a 20-ounce camera, then gently peel the pod off the surface when you're done. When the Monsterpod gets nasty, just wash it off. A handy carrying case is available for another $10; guess you don't want this thing sticking to your pocket.

Can we call it the coolest tripod we've ever seen if it doesn't have feet?

Via Photojojo