Michael Jackson to be buried in 14-karat gold coffin

Michael Jackson's final flamboyance will be the vehicle in which he's delivered to his final resting place: This 14 karat goldplated custom casket that will be the center of attention at Tuesday's memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The $25,000 container from Batesville Casket Company ("because every family deserves a Batesville") is made of solid bronze, plated with 14-karat gold, and polished to a mirror finish. It's the same model in which James Brown was buried. No question about it, it'll be the fanciest coffin in the graveyard.

With all due respect, sorry, this is nuts. Sadly, it's perfectly normal for the insane funeral industry in the United States. Maybe it befits such a wacko as Jacko. Perhaps those gravediggers will exclaim to each other — as they did in the old joke where a man was being lowered into his grave in the driver's seat of a shiny new Cadillac — "Now that's really living."

Might we suggest an Ecoffin instead?

Via Born Rich