Mechanical horse finds its own fuel

Project Nomad is a mechanical horse that can ride like the wind, climb up steep grades and navigate rocks and boulders. And for energy, it uses GPS to locate the most lush vegetation, wolfing it down and using it for fuel. Somehow, that gathered energy is transformed to its rider, too.

This design concept by Jason Battersby might not be that far-fetched. In fact, that noisy mechanical BigDog and other all-terrain robots all look like a first step toward such an animalistic mechanism.

However, that idea about gathering its own energy from plants, and then feeding the rider might not be that appetizing to finicky adventurers, though.We think designer Jason should next conceive a mechanical pterodactyl that can carry a couple of passengers. Beyond that, we're looking forward to an assortment of mechanical beasts, re-creating The Flintstones with metal and computers.

FlyLyf, via BB Gadgets