Linux booted in one second

Boot times have shortened to around 30 seconds with Windows 7, but now there's some Linux jockeys who have figured out how to cold boot a computer from nothing to operational status in one second. Yes, it's a tech demo, and they're booting an embedded system with minimal drivers, so it's not a full Windows-like environment. But this proves that short boot times are indeed possible.

Of course, you can bring your Mac or PC out of sleep mode almost instantly, but that's not the same thing as cold-booting an entire operating system in one second. Google talks about short boot times for its upcoming Google Chrome OS (which has Linux underpinnings), but are they talking about a 1-second time? We think not. Maybe they could get together with these guys from MonteVista for a few speed tips.

See a video of the quick boot:

Via Pocket Lint