Lexicon Blu-ray player touts loading times of less than five seconds

What do you get when you pay top dollar for a Blu-ray player? Well, all the bells and whistles you'd imagine — 7.1 channel sound, full 1080p HD video, DVD up-scaling — and maybe something you wouldn't necessarily consider first: fast load times.

While nothing is final yet, we asked Marc Kellom, Harman's VP of marketing, to give us some ballpark figures on the company's upcoming BD-30. It's one of the big selling points, after all. "We expect less than five seconds for non BD-Live titles and less than 30 seconds for BD-Live titles," he told DVICE. "Compare that to the Pioneer Elite 03 with 51 - 90 seconds to load and Sony's S350 or S550 at 28 - 67 seconds, and you can see it is much improved." We can't confirm those load times, but the time it takes for a Blu-ray movie to get ready is an often voiced concern for owners.

Just like Revel's Ultima Rhythm2, Harman hasn't finalized the price for the BD-30. We were told by Kellom not to be surprised if we see it with a sticker price over $3,000, though.

Here's all the info from Harman:

The Lexicon BD-30 is a disc player that supports Blu-ray, DVD, SACD, DVD Audio, Compact Disc, and video & audio over USB. This player uses Anchor Bay's award winning VRS technology for superior video performance.

Key Features

• Complete Media Support: Blu-ray Disc, BonusVIEW, BD-Live™, DVD Up-Conversion, DVD-Audio, SACD, and Additional Media Formats

• Unparalleled Video Quality: VRS™ by Anchor Bay, Full HD 1080p Output, True 24p™ Video, Source Direct Mode, Multiple Zoom Modes, and HDMI

• High Fidelity Audio: Dolby® TrueHD, DTS®-HD, 7.1-Channel Analog Output, Dedicated Stereo Output, and Digital Optical and Coaxial Outputs

• RS232 for use with external control systems

Via Lexicon