It's not a kitchen; it's a transformer

Kitchen islands are common in roomy seven-bedroom split-levels, but they're not a staple of your average downtown studio apartment. That could change if the Modern Space Saving Mini Kitchen catches on. Created by students at French design school Ensci, the all-in-one kitchen island combines all your essential kitchen appliances into a single piece of furniture, including a sink, range and cabinets. All done with your meal and cleanup? Transform! Everything in the island folds up and tucks away, leaving just a sleek white block that you can use as a desktop.

The idea has some merit, especially for small spaces in big urban centers. The design is probably too modern to work in a lot of apartments — in the photos below, you can see it really clashes with the hardwood floors. But if it gets back a chunk of floor space, what the hell?

Ensci, via freshome