Ink Calendar reveals dates as ink spreads

We could use a good wall calendar, but conventional calendars just aren't kooky enough for us. This Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz might do the trick, because it's unlike any we've ever seen. You start off the month with a full ink well, and when you dip the special paper inside, its carefully timed capillary action reveals each date as time passes.

Each month uses a different color ink, ranging from variations of green in the spring, orange and red during the summer, and shades of blue in the chilly months of winter. So far, it's part of an art exhibition at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, but we're thinking that if this brilliant design concept is accurate enough, it might be a popular fixture in hipster cribs worldwide.

Here's a closeup of the capillary action:

Dezeen, via Geeky Gadgets