Human-powered Shweeb monorail isn't exactly the awesome future I signed on for

Human powered? Human? When I think of the future, I picture a world where we're all carted around by robots.

That said, New Zealand's Scweeb monorail is probably a healthier (if a little cramped) alternative. Think of it like a bike that flies, contained within your own private capsule. While you probably won't see the Shweeb replacing bus routes and subways, the single-seater, pedal-powered capsules seat the passenger in a reclining position much like a recumbent bicycle, and offer a scenic view of the world outside.

You can even book time and have yourself a race, provided you can make its native Agroventures Adventure Park in New Zealand. Check out more of the Scweeb in the gallery below.

Shweeb, via Inhabitat