Hot rumor: Apple to add camera to iPod Touch

There's always a juicy rumor about Apple doing the rounds — and this one is no exception. The iconic company has, apparently, "placed an order for a massive number of camera modules of the type they include in the iPhone." A number of tech blogs, such as Gizmodo and TechCrunch are speculating that Steve Jobs and his merry band of money-makers are aiming to annihilate the cheap camcorder market by enabling the latest iPods — expected in September — to capture video.

Adding fuel to the fire is the appearance of new iPod Touch casings complete with a hole for a centrally-mounted camera hole. Although TechCrunch claims that enough of the camera sensors have been ordered for every single iPod model save the Shuffle, it would make more sense just to have camera technology in the Touch. Imagine just how many people would want to buy one of those. As well as having your music, apps and games in one device, you've also got a camera that allows you to edit and upload — just like the guy above, who dropped his iPhone 3GS in the pool.

Via MacRumors Via TechCrunch Via Gizmodo