HDGuru finds the new 'King of HDTVs'

Football season is coming up, and we don't want to be caught short with a second-rate HDTV. Trusted HDGuru Gary Merson says the Panasonic TC-P54V10, a 54-inch plasma 1080p set, is "the new king of HDTVs." In his eyes-on review, he lauds the THX-anointed plasma panel's excellent image brightness, low energy consumption, deep black levels, judder-free film reproduction, and impressive "pop."

Judging from his impeccable credibility in the past, if the HDGuru says this $2300 HDTV as the world's best, it probably is. He even says this is comparable or better in nearly every criteria than the revered (and unfortunately, discontinued) Pioneer Kuro plasma HDTVs. We want. Our advice? Wait until next month for the release of Panasonic's 65-inch version of this new "King of HDTVs."

Via HDGuru