Make up for golf's wasteful ways with this bicycle caddy

Move to your next shot quicker than a golf cart, but still get exercise on the links with this $200 Bicycle Golf Caddy. Sure beats walking while schlepping a heavy bag of clubs over your shoulder all day, especially if you're one who doesn't feel like nursing a backache at the 19th hole.

Green golfing? Isn't that an oxymoron? Using this green gadgetry is akin to ordering a Diet Coke with your chocolate sundae. I like BB Gadgets' Steven Leckart's take on it best:

"If you're going to play golf on a huge piece of property that soaks up water, fertilizer and electricity — without growing food or anything tangible — you might as well do something to make yourself feel better about it."

Golf doesn't produce anything tangible? How about all those outstanding scorecards and their accompanying braggadocio?

Clean Air Gardening, via BB Gadgets