Force Trainer duel: Jedi Master vs. Star Wars virgin

We got ourselves a sneak preview of Uncle Milton Toys' Force Trainer — a tabletop device that enables you to float a ball from a distance, allegedly via your brainwaves. To our shock, it actually works! After spending a few hours raising and lowering the ball, we wondered if Star Wars fans might be stronger with the "Force" than others. Taking the idea to the logical extreme: Would Star Wars superfans show more skill with the Force Trainer than someone who's never seen the movie?

It was easy enough to find Star Wars fanatics, but our search for a Star Wars virgin took a long, long time. Finally we happened upon Jeanine, then mercilessly threw her into a Force Trainer cage match with Jedi Master Flynn, top dog of the New York Jedi. Would Flynn's "expertise" prevail? Or does experience matter not? The video tells all.

Want your own Force Trainer? Uncle Milton starts taking preorders very soon. But if you want to try it before you lay down $130, look for it at Comic Con, which, by the way, Syfy will be all over.