Eris Planetary Sphere watch goes anywhere but the wrist

Although it looks more like a kitchen timer than a watch, the Eris Planetary Sphere watch is kinda neat. Measuring just 1.3 inches in diameter, this spherical timepiece has been designed by students from Geneva's School of Applied Arts for watchmaker Pierre Junod and costs $450.

The watch's anthracite case is made from anodized aluminum and has the numbers laser engraved on it. Inside is a Swiss quartz movement, and the hands peek out from the watch's "equator": white displays the hours; while orange shows the minutes. The Eris, named after the best-known dwarf planet in the Solar System, comes with a rubber strap so you can either hang it round your neck (crazy person alert) or off the wall*.

*A gratuitous, yet totally heartfelt, tribute to Michael Jackson there.

Via Watchismo