Delta touch faucet, infinitely better than a pump handle

It's about time a touch-controlled faucet was mass-produced. If you have an extra $434 lying around, Delta helps you bring your plumbing into the 21st century with the touch-sensitive Pilar collection. It works using capacitance, the same technology that makes touchscreens work. A low-voltage electrical current flows across the spout and handle, and as soon as that circuit is interrupted by your skin, the water begins to flow.

This Delta 980T sure beats those infrared-controlled faucets in public bathrooms, which more often than not don't even notice when your hands are directly underneath. Just bring the price down, Delta, and you'll surely be met with an enthusiastic reception from those of us who aren't wary of the juxtaposition of electricity and water.

Don't miss the whimsical video of the touch faucet in action:

Faucet Direct, via CrunchGear