Compact Barbecue might be just right for city dwellers

Attention city dwellers: Maybe you can have a barbecue grill after all. This Plek 66 grill attaches to a wall, and folds up into a space-saving rectangular box that your landlord might not even recognize as one of those verboten flesh-searing devices. When it's party time you open it up to expose a nice-sized grate with an additional upper level, storage for extra charcoal, a couple of shelves on each side, and even a hood that directs the smoke out of your face.

We especially like the compartment below that holds about 100 pounds of ashes until it's time to make a trip to the dumpster. The grill's sufficiently insulated to safely fire up to 1,112°F, good to know if you're mounting it on the wall so you won't burn the house down. Its small footprint is also conducive to placing it on a table or stand on your balcony. Too bad there's not a natural gas or propane version, or a price listed anywhere.

Rocal, via Appliancist