'Common,' the open source car that anyone can design

Knee-jerk reaction: Why do I want just anyone designing my car? I don't want to get in an accident and discover that someone thought it'd be a good idea to replace the airbags with confetti.

Then again, the "open source" C,mm,n project in the Netherlands (pronounced "Common"), is just that. They're encouraging anyone who has thought of a way to improve upon automobiles to do so with their design:

You might think c,mm,n is about a new type of vehicle, and it's true that we are developing a new type of electric car. But c,mm,n is more than that: it is a total mobility concept for the future… C,mm,n follows the open source model: as with open source software, we focus our services around the product. Anyone can use it to offer mobility services, just as long as any derived work produced is released back to the community…
If you've got a stellar idea for 'em, there's a page detailing how you can help. Check out more of the C,mm,n in the gallery below.

C,mm,n, via The Design Blog, via Design Year Book