City tile range from Lea brings Google Earth to your bathroom

If the arrival of Google Earth got you so excited you could hardly breathe and then you got fidgety and then your mom shot you a look that said "siddown and behave you miserable little kid you hear me," but you couldn't and then she made you sit on your hands but it just didn't make you calm because all you could think about was the possibility of seeing into your neighbors' back yards and maybe you'd get to see Carmela that hot girl from the year above you sunbathing topless and all of a sudden you realised you needed to to go to the bathroom but you had to get permission from your mom and that meant putting your hand up and because she'd made you sit on them it was mighty hard especially when she was shooting you with that "Don't mess with me, ya hear" stare that she had down to a tee and oh noooooo....


Well, if the arrival of Google Earth got you that excited and you're about to start doing some home improvements on your bathroom, may I suggest these tiles? They're from Lea Ceramiche and they're from Italy. Almost like Carmela. Gallery (not, sadly, of Carmela) below.

Lea Ceramiche Via Trendir