Circulus car's spherical front wheel works like a Dyson vacuum

If that rolling ball works well for a Dyson vacuum cleaner, why not put it on the front of a three-wheeled car? That was the thinking behind this Circulus concept car, created by graphic artist Santosh Chawla as an entry to the 2009 Michelin Challenge design contest.

The hydrogen fuel-cell-powered car would be driven by its two back wheels, with that front wheel giving the driver the tightest turning circle this side of a unicycle. The fanciful vehicle also features a huge expanse of glass up front, offering panoramic views of the road ahead.

Now all Chawla needs to do is figure out how to control that front wheel. This is a gorgeous design, but one that might be left waiting for a few decades until that Dyson-style ball is controllable. It'll also have to wait until hydrogen fuel cell power is finally practical in automobiles costing less than a million dollars.

Via GizMag