Bose SoundLink wirelessly rocks any room in your house

Plug a small USB transmitter into your PC or Mac, and then you can place this Bose SoundLink wireless speaker anywhere in your home and listen to sweet, sweet music. It's said to be able to transmit "through most walls and floors," so this might mean you can take it out on the patio, in the basement, or anywhere in the house and enjoy whatever audio you can play on your PC.

Like most things Bose, you might feel like a bozo overpaying ($549.95) for this rechargeable stereo speaker when it's available on August 27, but also true to form, it might sound pretty good, especially for its size. This unit is unique, because we haven't seen a speaker with "room filling sound" that can play on battery power for three hours on a charge. Might be worth a listen.

Via Business Wire