Bing manages to hold onto its initial explosion of growth

While Google is gearing up to take on Microsoft Windows with Chrome, Bing is still nibbling away at the monopoly-strong search engine's tail. StatCounter Global Stats, a web tracking firm, has marked Bing down as securing more searches than Yahoo in the first eight days of June and being on the rise since its unveiling on June 3rd. The firm says it's normal for a search engine to explode in popularity early on — remember Cuil? — but Bing has held onto that initial interest and is showing growth.

StatCounter measures search engine use based on how many times users click results rather than the number of results found, and it's pegged Bing as having increased Microsoft's search engine market share by 1%. Not too shabby considering the fledgling service is trying to make it in a world where Google has become a verb unto itself.

So, we have to ask: Do you Bing?

Via New York Times