BeoTime alarm clock: Bang & Olufsen and the magic flute

You may never have seen anything quite like the BeoTime alarm clock, but it definitely exudes the hyperstylized tendencies of its creator, Bang & Olufsen. The closest thing the clock resembles is a flute or piccolo, with three tiny square displays mounted on an aluminum tube, showing the time, alarm time and audio source.

That source can be any piece of B&O equipment in your home, by the way, since the BeoTime can wirelessly turn them on and off. There's no snooze button. Instead the built-in accelerometer will silence the alarm when the clock is touched. A plunger/button on one end the end turns the alarm on and off.

Available in August for $375, the BeoTime takes three AA batteries, which are said to last a year — probably less if you're using the wireless abilities a lot. But I suspect your biggest problem will be wrestling it away from your kids when they use it to play Harry Potter.

Bang & Olufsen, via Gizmodo