Play More: Balled-up paper turns into sporty orb

We're looking for more realism in our serious time-wasting around here, sick and tired of tossing mere pieces of balled up paper into our garbage-can basketball goal. Here's a pad of special paper that solves that problem so well it won a European Design Award.

On the front, it's just a mild-mannered stack of lined notebook paper, but look on the other side. Take your pick: soccer ball, tennis ball, baseball, football, and more — wad up all your notes and put them to work in the sportiest of ways.

"Play More" is a concept by Amsterdam design firm Trapped in Suburbia, reminding its clients that all work and no play makes you start yelling things like "Here's Johnny" and wielding an ax. If this clever schwag ever makes it to market, it'll be nothing but net.

Trapped in Suburbia, via Top Cultured