Asus and Acer: No new netbooks until 2010?

As fast as the world of computer hardware moves, it's odd to think that companies might not have a new laptop on the shelf every couple of weeks. That could be the case with Acer and Asus, however — two companies (especially the latter) which kicked off all this netbook craziness.

Word is that the two companies are pumping the brakes until the next iteration of Intel's Atom processor, the N450. For the same reason, it's being said that Acer's forthcoming Android-powered netbook, an idea which Asus has also flirted with, will also be pushed back until next year.

In the end, it does make quite a bit of sense. Netbooks have done just about all they can with the current generation of hardware out there, and, with Windows 7 and the new processors right around the corner, it's a smart move to try to burn through the inventory already on the shelves.

Should you stop buying notebooks? Well, if Vista is a deal-breaker and you like what you've seen from Windows 7, maybe take a breather. Myself, I've been eyeing the new Asus Seashell (pictured above), as a travel laptop. Anyone out there using a netbook and enjoying the experience?

Digitimes, via Crave