Apollo 11's crew ate out of cutting-edge food packets

When it came time to eat, Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins had a surprisingly diverse and delicious menu each day: sausage patties and coffee for breakfast, cocoa and hot dogs or salmon salad for lunch, and a spaghetti dinner that included brownie cubes for dessert. (Oddly, no Tang.) They almost seem spoiled.

One container that made it all possible was the "wet pack" made for the Apollo 8 mission. Thermo-stabilized food could be rehydrated during the mission, and the moisture of the food made it so it stuck to a spoon. That made spoon-bowl packets possible, which were new to Apollo 11. That helped astronauts cut down on mess, and the rehydration valve on the packets made prep a snap.

In fact, when the spoon-bowl packets get rehydrated it even looks kind of appetizing:

Check out a menu from the mission (click it to see a larger image):

Eat Me Daily has a full write-up about Apollo 11 space cuisine, including why Buzz Aldrin loved the shrimp cocktail the most.

Don't forget, you can relive the mission yourself and, hey, why not whip up that menu? Eat like the astronauts ate!

Via Eat Me Daily