Antilles Seaplanes 'Super Goose' revives an amphibious legend

If the Antilles Seaplanes G-21 Super Goose came equipped with a harpoon and cable, it could live up to its first name. It doesn't, but luckily it has an altogether seperate pedigree to fall back on: the venerable Grumman G-21 Goose. Grumman first designed the Goose to be an amphibious, small capacity aircraft to serve business and private clients, and since then it's been almost everything including a commercial, rescue and combat aircraft.

Antilles Seaplanes is now giving the aircraft another chance to take flight, using the old blueprints for the design while updating the craft's technology. No word on pricing yet, but if you aren't already in the business of collecting private planes then it's probably too much for you and me. We'll just have to wait for flying cars.

Check out more of the Super Goose down below.

Antilles Seaplanes, via Uncrate