Anti-paparazzi device flashes lewd photographers right back

Whether you're camera shy or too famous to look bad in a photo, Adam Harvey's flashy anti-paparazzi purse will return fire at snooping cameras (and blind anyone around you to boot). The device is equipped with a photo cell that — once it detects a bright, sudden flash — will trigger an LED-controlling circuit to let off a burst of light of its own. The result? A good majority of the owner of the purse will be obscured by a flash, and the photo will be useless. Obviously, this works best at night.

So far, a purse is the most accommodating and portable conveyance for the anti-paparazzi device, though Harvey is looking at ways to make it smaller so that it might work just as well on a necklace or tie.

PDN Gear Guide, via CrunchGear