3D movies in the UK to be preceded by 3D interactive games

Moviegoers in the UK may be treated to a game of Asteroid Storm before their show, which sounds a hell of a lot better than sitting through commercials — though there may still be some of those.

Asteroid Storm is an interactive 3D game that has the audience help an alien captain pilot his spaceship through an asteroid field. The audience accomplishes this by raising their hands: to go left or right, more people on the left or right side of their crowds put their arms up. It only takes two IR cameras mounted on the ceiling to monitor the audience's response.

Right now, Asteroid Storm is scheduled to play before movies such as 3D versions of Toy Story and Ice Age 3 in 20 Vue theaters in the UK this summer. No word on whether the audience can lose, or if a couple of pranksters can get the ship going right for an asteroid.

Register Hardware, via Gizmodo