2,700hp jet truck leaves other pickups in its jetwash

In a recent foray into the deep South, we spotted a plethora of Ford F-150 trucks, but none like this. Chris Lentz of Michigan strapped an M-701 turbojet to his pickup, and the result? A 2,700hp jet truck, even crazier than that jet cycle we showed you last month.

Fed by a 20-gallon kerosene tank, the $10,000 jet engine develops that impressive 2,700hp only when it's going 516mph. Because of the vehicle's 6,600-pound weight, it takes a while to get going, but we can imagine it might be able to go plenty fast given the right conditions.

Never mind those pesky details of 0-60 acceleration and weight — the guy is driving a jet truck! Is this street legal? Hardly. It might be a bit problematic if you follow too closely. Here's a video of this monster truck in action:

Via Jalopnik