Your robotic conscience: two 'bots that team up and force you to do things

Meet Pushya and Pullya. If Pushya is like that devil on your right shoulder, Pullya would be sitting pretty on the left with a little halo hovering over its head.

It's a concept thought up by Paul Grader for a pair of companions that would coerce you to do things you normally wouldn't, all for the seeming greater good. Let's say Pushya decided to buy you tickets to fly to some exotic locale on a whim, never asking for your permission. Pullya would then pack your bags to make that financial hit easier to swallow. The end result? You get a nice vacation.

Check out the gallery below for more of the duo. Pushya is the darker 'bot selling your TV, while Pullya is the grayish robot mowing your lawn.

Via Yanko Design