World's smallest VGA display is smaller than a fingernail

Anyone with a decent cellphone knows that getting video on a small screen is nothing new. But how about video on a screen that's insanely small? Display maker Kopin has managed to pack a liquid-crystal display (LCD) with VGA resolution (600 x 480 pixels) onto a screen that measures just over a quarter-inch diagonally. That means individual color dots are 2.9 x 8.7 micrometers. For those scoring at home, a typical piece for paper is about 100 micrometers thick.

Who is this screen for? I suppose it might be useful in something like a contact-lens screen (similar to this eyeglass display), but it seems to me this is pushing the limits of the resolution of the human eye. Kopin says the new screen is a stepping stone on the way to creating a screen with 2,048 x 2,048-pixel resolution the size of a postage stamp. Which should excite all the mosquitoes who ever wanted an HDTV.

Business Wire , via Engadget