World's highest-tech roller coaster opens this summer

Universal Studios Florida in Orlando is calling Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit "the world's most high-tech rollercoaster." And maybe this Maurer Söhne-designed coaster is, with its user-selectable music system via a personal "guest interface panel," flashing LEDs everywhere, and 14 digital video cameras recording all of the mayhem over its 3,800 feet of track for your own personal posterity (and purchase).

We especially like those unique 6-seat X-CARs with stadium seating an extra short wheeled bases for tight maneuvers, the 167-foot vertical lift at the beginning of the ride, and the six "near-miss encounters" with the other four two-car trains that will be careening around the track at the same time.

We're not just being company stooges (DVICE is part of NBC Universal, but nobody told us to write this) when we say that this looks like a blast. Opens this summer.

Universal Studios Florida, via BB Gadgets and Wikipedia