What recession? Rolls Royce 200EX auto-gripping purse holder

At a time when the auto industry is catching flak far and wide for being self indulgent and wasteful, you wouldn't expect to see something as frivolously luxurious as an automatically adjusting purse holder. Yet here one is, installed inside a Rolls Royce 200EX. The slide-out tray has little wings that pop out to accommodate wide purses and, once it senses a bag on top of it, the tray automatically retracts until it's snugly holding the purse.

But, hey, purses can get pretty heavy, and I guess this holder is a lot more dignified than tossing it on the floor. Besides, there's no reason us dudes can't toss a bug stuffed with jumbo burgers and fatty fries up on this thing, right? Click Continue to see a video of the purse holder in action.